Things to do before picking out front doors

So you’ve scoured across the internet for your favourite front doors. You’ve got a few choice ones that you really really like. So what to do from here? What’s the next step? Before you click on the buy button, there are a number of steps that need to be sorted out.

The checklist

Before you press the buy button, you need to consider the measurements for those front doors you have on your mind. This will help you to further narrow down the choices.

The measurements

There are a few key measurements that apply for not just the front doors, but all doors in general. For these next few steps, you’ll need a ruler and a tape measure. Of course, these are not as accurate as professional tools, but they’ll help to provide you with a rough set of dimensions to start with.

So first up, we have the rough opening. We’ll be measuring both the width and the height. Before you start measuring, do keep in mind that the rough opening is basically like a frame around these front doors. These are typically two inches taller, and wider by two inches than the door that is to be installed.

Next, we measure the depth of the jamb. The jamb size is basically the width of our door’s frame, as it joins the wall stud. For future reference, do remember that the net frame dimension of these front doors is a full-on measure of the width of the doors themselves.

The swing

Scandinavians typically prefer inswing doors. However, this applies to all front doors, regardless of whether they’re inswing or outswing. So, what we’re looking for here is door clearance. That’s the width of the door. We’re checking if it collides with any fixtures, walls, etc., once we swing it open.