Pros and cons of free webhotel service

Pros and cons of free webhotel service

If you can’t afford to pay for webhotel service or do not see the need to spend your hard-end money while your website doesn’t have much in terms of traffic, then free web hosting is worth trying out. Before you do, however, you may want to know some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of free webhotel service

Free webhotel service is easy to set up and great for learning the basics of website development and monitoring. You can also use the opportunity of free web hosting to master website design, file management, and other skills necessary to manage a website. Free web hosting is suitable for personal websites. You don’t need to spend money on website hosting when you don’t expect the website to bring in any money. It is also good enough for non-profit and voluntary organizations. These bodies usually launch websites to disseminate information, not to draw much traffic. They, therefore, do not need to spend too much money. 

Cons of free webhotel service

On the downside, a free webhotel service only provides limited bandwidth and storage space for your website. If you’re running a business site, free web hosting may not be such a good idea. Some free hosts run adverts on your website. This can discourage people from spending time on your website. Also, free hosting does not provide as much security as paid hosting options. As a result, your website and computers may be exposed to intrusion and viruses, respectively. Other disadvantages of free hosting are less support, you can’t use your business name as your domain name, and the absence of multiple email accounts. Worse, your host can discontinue the free service or even terminate your website at any time. 

As your business scales, you may find that you are no longer satisfied with what you get from free webhotel companies. If free web hosting is no longer ideal for your business and you’re on a budget, then you can opt for cheap hosting with better features and the option to upgrade